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Thursday, February 28, 2013


I think that I am becoming a workaholic. On top of my usual 40 hour work week, I am actively pursuing a blog and also becoming an investing guru. All these topics requires a lot of reading and comprehending before I can fully understand the subject, which necessitates a lot of time. That is not including some recreational activities and working out at the gym.

As much as I think that there are enough stuff to do, I want to do more... I need to do more. There are still so much more to do with my life such as becoming a good cook and an active singer. There are days where I wake up full of energy and ready to take on the world. But even on days where I am tired and dreading getting out of bed, there is still a hunger in me to try and do as much as I can before the day is done. I get a great satisfaction out of completing so much work and maximizing each day. Weird, but it works for me.

From an early age I always knew that I was a workaholic, but it was truly defined as one of my traits in college. I believe the pressure that got me through school also conditioned me to always keep my mind focused and on a goal. It didn't matter if they were big or small goals, as long as it was doable then it was good as completed in my mind. So I had a lot of goals and it never seemed to end.

I enjoy working hard and continuously challenging myself to do better. Over the long term, by putting time in now it can save me years during my retirement by not having to worry about finances or accomplishments.

Now if I can only do just enough work not to get burned out is another story...

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