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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blogs Unleashed!

I would have to say the best way to keep audiences coming back for more is to entice them with new content and expand on previous hot button topics. The hardest part about blogging is to post something every few days to keep viewership up. A great blog can die a slow and painful death if there is too much time in between posts. People in this day and age are all for the instant gratification and novelty seeking. I myself was like this way as well.

A while back when I was first researching blogs, I would always go to a few select blogs of people I knew and read weekly or bi-weekly. After a while some people would stop blogging and their blogs would disappear from my mind and I would ultimately forget that they even had a blog. They were not entertaining me and therefore was not worthy of my time. Sad but true. Keeping people's attention is extremely hard! I had to think about this every time I blogged, knowing that my audience is in it for the small boost of dopamine my blog offers. So every once in a while I would think of something crazy to blog about, it is almost like a promo ad for my blog.

What brought about this post, is that I have recently seen a couple of people that I know, create blogs of their own. I hope to see them flourish and gain viewership and hopefully many followers as well. But I must caution them about the difficulties of sustained efforts into a blog takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. I created this blog years ago under a different name and intent but it sat idly for years before I decided to really work on it.

I blog because I enjoy the experience, and hopefully they will find joy in their blogs as well. Cheers!

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