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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blogging for Growth

I was reading a fascinating story about how a person quit their job and started to blog full time and now is making over 100k a year with that blog. Check out it is an amazing blog with a lot of good information as well as some subjects that is normally taboo. He talks about everything in his blog as well his net worth which he updates on a monthly basis. It is a level of disclosure that very few of us are willing to show to others, but yet it works for him.

His blog is where I want to eventually take Growth Unleashed and stuff it full of great content that people are willing to spend their time reading and enjoying, all while providing me with a great way to compensate my time and energy. I think it will be quite a long time before I start to earn anywhere close to what he is getting. The author of that blog has spent the past 4 years getting it off the ground and creating content for it continuously as he writes in it almost daily.

I will set some modest milestones for myself in the near future and continually improve upon them so one day 4 years from now, I can partly blog my way to financial freedom.

Goals for Growth Unleashed
1. Post at least 15-20 times a month
2. Write at least 250-500 words a post
3. Read other blogs and comment on them
4. Establish main topics of discussion and post regularly about them
5. Always spell check and grammar check

Am I missing anything?

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