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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Patterns of Life

The key to being successful in life is to recognize patterns in our daily life. Nature has a certain order about things and it is based on behavior that is set with a number of rules and laws. Cycles such as the day/night, seasons, and climate can be predicted and thus humans can benefit greatly through preperation.

By realizing that everything is a pattern, even humans, we can used that to our advantage and "predict" what can possibly happen in the future. Suppose we know that through experience night is much colder than during the day time so we put on more clothes in preperation for a likely event of it being colder. Humans rely on things being relatively similar on a day to day basis as a means of copying with the world. If you ever got a deer i  the headlights feeling you know that it stops you cold in your tracks as your brain takes in new input before you can proceed.

I have always been good at recognizing patterns in daily life. It requires being really observant of the world around you. Learning is based on patterns that is repeated over and over, only the subject matter is different. People are also walking patterns, on a day to day basis, we all operate on a certain amount of autopliot that from afar seems random, but if you observe the same person long term you being to notice all sorts of details. Likes/dislikes, personal preferences, and travel patterns all follow a routine.

I think what is most useful in daily life is the ability to recognize simple patterns that takes little effort to learn but maximizes value gained out of it. Cooking is an easy example of pattern based routine that can be applied in numerous positive ways. A home cooked meal can save money and be healther than eating out. Another example is to learn how to troubleshoot a broken piece of technology that is useful and cannot be easily replaced such as a car or cellphone. I've noticed that all things really have a lot of similar problems that is easy to solve with a google search. By know that things break down a certain way, we can properly prepare for disasters. Of course sometimes your just unluckly.

Our civilization has relied on patterns throughout history to get us to where we are today. If we can recognize that life is not as random as we sometimes think it is, we can better live our lives with the confidence and foresight of the future.


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