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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Failed System

Well the March 1st sequestration is approaching rapidly and yet Washington has not found a way to resolve this and solve one of the biggest issues that this country has faced. 85 billion dollars will be cut from  many government programs which means that people will lose their jobs. The worst part of this mess is that the two sides are firmly entrenched on their stance and are willing to see this thing through to the end.

We as Americans lose. If anybody stalls and refuses to do their jobs at a company, they wouldn't have jobs for long but, in congress this is the norm. All they do is kick the big problems down the line until some else solves it. How can the leaders of the most powerful nation on the planet act like irresponsible children?

Real lives that depend on the government programs will suffer needlessly due to inaction. Congress isn't playing with a simulation or an intellectual game, congress's actions will directly affect people. The impact will be unknown but it will most likely put us in a mini recession for the next year or so.

I understand the need to back your party and support your constituents but at what cost? If you satisfy a couple of people in your party while the rest of them are drowning in debt and unemployed, how likely will they back your party without food or a roof over their heads? There are more primal needs to be met first.

I don't presume to know these people in Washington, I assume that they wanted to change the world when they first entered politics. But at some point, I think they lost their way and do not fully understand the world that regular people live in. We care less about the politics and ideals if we are to busy paying off loans and scrounging for a living. 

Let the inaction begin!

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