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Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's to drink?

Of all the things that people are fighting over these one would think that water isn't one of them, well think again. This article has brought to light the growing problem of fresh water around the world. With a growing human population up to almost 6.9 billion people it is getting harder and harder to find clean water for all those people to drink. There are efforts being made by corporations to try and privatize all the world's water, bottle it up and sell it back to us for a price. Water is one of the most essential tools nessesary to our survial and yet there are people who want us to pay for this lifeline.

Now granted, everyone who lives in cites pays for water especially in LA.. Los Angeles is a desert and we get our supply of water from the Colorado Basin or the Sierra Nevada, so the city is a paying other counties and districts to ship it to us. At least the water will keep coming until we have a bad winter and other cites like San Francisco and Las Vegas will try and siphon it from us causing water shortages like a couple of years ago. My point is that we are very lucky that America has the resources and the money to save LA in case of the a water problem, I mean the last thing that California will allow is a bunch of dehydrated movie stars causing a fuss and tanking the movie industry. Seriously though, people in the US have it better than the rest of the world, such as China, India, and Pakistan. These areas rely on one (small lakes and streams aside) source of water for their population and that is the Himalayas, this mountain range supplies almost a third of the world's people. Imagine, 2 billion people all fighting over one source of clean water. Unimaginable would be the answer from an average person who flushes several clean gallons of water down the drain daily. I'm one the offenders as well, by taking two showers a day I'm also contributing to this water conservation problem. It is just to easy to be careless and have no consequences. 

The world is a fast changing place, where there was was fought over oil there will be wars fought over clean water to drink. Where once there was plenty of clean lakes and rivers there will be dams and mass irrigation. I don't know how to solve this issue but merely bring it to light. On a side note, investing in private water companies might net you a massive profit in the future although it would be a morally ambiguous decision.

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