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Sunday, February 24, 2013


I like to start hopefully an important thread in this blog that is near and dear to me. On the way towards perpetually growth and its subsequent unleashing, we have a lot of time in between. I want to begin to explore my world of 20-somethings a bit more, specifically the life, times, and struggles of 20 year olds.

I have been think a lot about my purpose in life and what that means to me. The only places I can start to look are from my peers and what they are doing with their lives. HBO's Girls probably would most accurately exemplify the struggles and hardship of our generation. It is quite interesting to watch people that are in their 20's try to define their lives and careers while working to make ends meet. Although they are not my real peers, I feel their struggles are certainly related-able, albeit in a different city and opposite gender.

It is tough for any person of my age and experience (or lack thereof) to know what they truly want out of life. For those that have found what they are looking for and are chasing their dream, I applaud you and wish you luck. Those like myself that still have many more questions than answers at this point, I say, time is still on our side and we have a bit more time to solve them. Others that are still searching for what they want to do in their lives, I can offer them some  advice to never quit reaching for their goals. 

It is my hope that this post and the future posts about this subject of 20-somethings will be as  amusing as well as inspirational to many. Your future is not written in stone, until you decide it is.

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