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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stress free or free Stress?

Everyone has gone through those days where stress is at an all time high. It could be due to one big event or many small little things, whatever the reason is, I think the key to managing it is to keep things in perspective and disconnecting from the world a bit. If your like me then you get a severe case of tunnel vision, that keeps me from taking a step back and looking at something with a fresh approach.

Lately, I've have been feeling more stressed than usual, it is not due to any one thing but a lot of little things that I can't control. So I start to think about these things all the time and that distracts me from focusing on what is more important and immediate in my life. There things that just need time to work through and reflect on, if that time is not there for me then things get a little hectic and frayed. It also usually means that I am running on little sleep and overbooking myself with too much activities. I get so into what my life is doing that I can't sense the stress building up.

One way I combat stress is to disconnect from the world, I carve out some free time for myself and then do something like hiking or going to a cafe and reading for a whole day. It's a good way for me to ground my senses to something more basic and physical. Often I get so wrapped up in being a cog in the machine, going about my day finishing endless tasks, that I forget to be a human. With a focus on simpler activity I can unwind my mind a bit.

I think that is the source of all our modern day causes of stress, which is working in an unnatural environment. Our bodies were not meant for sitting in a chair for 8 hours or other types of work that is repetitive. We were given bodies to survive and thrive in a natural environment and as such we feel more relaxed and happy when we do go outdoors or camping. I think that after this week is over I'm going on a hike and get back to where I/we belong, in nature.

How do you cope with stress?

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