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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simple Life

I've always wonder what a simpler life would be like. You know, just disconnect from the world of technology and lead a life that is much more grounded to Earth, almost like a hippy. I mean maybe it is because I don't want all the responsibility of an adult yet or maybe it is something else entirely. Sometimes I dream of a life of carelessness and true freedom.

I think that most of the stresses in our lives comes from all the pressures and expectations that everyone imposes on each other, which forces us to work harder to keep up with our neighbors. Sometimes we're just not able to meet peoples expectations and then inevitably we fall into a depression about where we are at. I think it is all quite crazy and maddening that technology was supposed to relieve our lives but instead, I think it has brought us closer to judge one another. 

A simpler life that I want to live, is one where all of us has freedom and time to become true individuals and discover what our purpose is, either spiritually or emotionally. I think all of us should be allowed to have complete freedom of expression, without the judging or criticisms of deviating from the normal. It takes true strength of character to be someone unique now-a-days, it is too easy for people to not what to stand out for what they believe in.

I want to be unique among my peers and be known for being bold and crazy. Maybe that is egotistical, but I don't care. Life is too short to worry about what others think, I think their either jealous or not open to new ideas. Sometimes all we want is for people to accept who we are in this world, but how can that happen if we don't know ourselves.  

I for one, wish for a simpler life, one without judgement. And yes, one with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

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