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Monday, March 11, 2013

A five year plan

I recently realized that I didn't have a solid five year plan. I had a ten year plan, but it was very vague in going about it. I have a couple of goals that I would like to achieve but nothing that warrants creating a plan for that far into the future. I believe that it is impossible to know what circumstances will be a week from now let alone five years from now. I do think that I want to have a plan just for reference to see how much I changed. So here we go!

1. Have a successful blog with tons of viewers and followers ~100,000

2. Be good enough in singing so that I can join a choir or a band. Maybe start a youtube channel based on me singing covers.

3. Start a weekly or bi-weekly vlog on youtube, it will be based on my thoughts, musings, and perhaps some comedic routines.

4. Achieve mastery at my job, with enough information and knowledge to describe a satellite inside and out.

5. Have finished at least half of my novel that currently has 10 pages. My goal is to create a trilogy.

6. Be working a successful side-gig that allows me to tap into my creative spirits

7. Achieve a good knowledge of stocks and trading to profit from boom times.

8. Do at least one new thing every month

9. Be master of time and space

The last one will take more than 5 years, maybe 7 or 8. :)

So what will you be doing in five years?

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