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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Energetic Loss

I wonder sometimes how I will be able to sustain my energy throughout all my activities and still have time for a life that resembles something close to normal. My pundits have already alerted me to my imminent crash towards reality, with the exhaustion of my energy. It is true that I don't have limitless surplus of energy and might have to regroup what I have before I get burned out. Although, I am not quite sure how to take a rest.

Even as I am writing this, my mind feels like is slowly drifting away from the goal of trying to get words down in a coherent manner. It is kinda crazy that even with about 8 hours of good sleep I am still feeling tired. I've had a very uneventful Sunday, but it feels like I exercised all day long. Maybe the key is to get used to it until it becomes a habit.

It might be as easy as clearing my schedule and opening a free week for me to do absolute nothing. There is something calming in doing nothing at all. I know that some people find it extremely difficult to do nothing at all, but once in a while it might be nice to slow down from this fast paced technological world. Hell, I think there is a correlation between my increased use of social media and my feeling of being tired. Don't know if I can verify it but perhaps, I just need to go cold turkey for a while.

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