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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pefection in Life

A perfect life. Is there even such a thing? I believe that everyone wants to obtain some semblance of a perfect life for themselves and those who are closest to them. But what does it really mean to have that, is it even worth it to set that as a goal?

I have been think about it what it means to have a perfect life and what that entails. I think that it has a lot to do with continuous learning and gaining new skills, but also contains spending time with people that I care about. It also helps that there would be enough money that I wouldn't have to worry about it constantly. And the last thing for a perfect life would be excellent health and maintaining peak physical and mental health.

I described broad ambiguous meanings for a perfect life and I suppose that in some sense that it the best that anyone can define what it is. I struggle with that because I want to set that as a goal to reach at some point in my life. But is that even possible?

Perfect, is inherently something that cannot get better and is at the height of perfection so if that were really the case, after you obtained it there would be little incentive to do better or more. Also, how would I know if I have achieved a perfect life, there would be no parade or celebration of acknowledgement just a moment of simple realization. Perhaps, even after the fact.

I think that it is probably one of those goals that takes a lifetime to fulfill and only lasts a handful of moments. I will do my best to aim for perfection, but along the way I'll get by, by living a perfectly flawed life.

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