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Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking a Chance

Life is all about taking chances and hoping for the best. The picture above is the best visualization for this, once the fish leaves it's bowl it does not know whether or not it will make it into the next bowl, but still tries. I wish that I could have the ability to take more chances in life and risk it all. It is harder than it seems to put yourself into a situation that you know very little about and even less about how to navigate through it.

I may talk about this risk taking in a general sense but the it applies to all facets of life; school, work, and romance all require some risk taking in order for one to make it through. I truly believe that most people are fearful of the consequences and subsequent embarrassment of failure to take a lot of chances in life. I know this because I have been there on multiple occasions and still fight my fear on a daily basis. It is incredibly hard to put yourself out there and not have doubt in oneself.

This culture is absolutely horrible in fostering peoples' ability to express themselves without fear or criticism from others. I think if people try to do something that is different or difficult they are mocked until they either have taken on a thicker skin or quit due to mounting pressure. It is as if the people doing the criticizing are jealous of those taking risks because they can't do it themselves.

My point is that we all need to take risks in life, that is how we grow as an individual. We can't let others stop us midway or before we take the first steps. It is important to each one of us that we know the pains of hardship and even failure so that we can look forward to and cherish the good times.So go out there and take a chance on something.

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