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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Space Miner!

I dream a dream and in that dream I am a space miner. But seriously, there is a new company out in Santa Monica, CA that is planning to mine the asteroids for their resources and bring them back to Earth. This is hardly the first time that a company has had this idea, where previously Planetary Resources had gone public with the backing of a couple of Google founders. This new company more or less follows in their footsteps and had a press conference recently to try to get the word out but also raise some investment revenue.

I have long dreamed about space and becoming an astronaut, I've taken many paths in life to know that it is a highly improbable goal. But I still want to be apart of the space community and help mankind into space. I think that we need more forwarding thinking companies that are willing to push the technological barrier and take massive risks in order to push ourselves beyond what we have now. It took a statement and money from JFK to put a man on the moon in under ten years, we can do better now with how far technology has advanced.

The idea behind the company is that resources such as platinum, gold, and other rare Earth minerals are running out or they are getting harder to find. Eventually we will run out, but in space there are millions of astroiods that are floating around between Mars and Jupiter that have several times more minerals than the Earth. There plan is to harvest them and either bring it back to Earth or use it in space to construct more spacecrafts/colonies.

I am looking forward to the future and hope that private industries such as DSI (Deep Space Industries) can bring us into a new age of prosperity and wealth, before our banking system takes down our country.

Below is there video...Awesome.

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