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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

King's Quest

King's Quest was an old 1990's video game that was very much a old style adventure game that was primarly text based. The goal of the game was to go on a journey with your character and ultimately become king from humble squire beginnings. It was a pretty tough game at the time with scant information about what you were supposed to do.

I believe that everyone should go on their own king/queen's quest. Just like the game, you start from humble beginnings and a lack of a proper instructions manual. When I talk about starting a quest, I mean a journey that one takes in their life to obtain the apex of their own self and vision of who they want to be. If that goal is to be a king, great, or something more spiritual, even better.

I think that modern life does not properly challenges oneself and we do not really know what we are ultimately capable of achieving. Rural tribes in africa used to put young males out to the fields to come back with a tiger or lion to prove that they were ready to be a man. If you were a squire during medieval times your test was to prove yourself in battle and come back victorious or not at all.

I feel that I need to be tested more on life to truly see what I am capable of. I want to know myself better in hopes of knowing my faults and bettering myself and others around me. Modern life gives us all the creature comforts that we can possibly want in a lifetime. I feel that all this luxury is making us more complacent and unable to be flexible when times might get tough. I am a firm believer in self-reliance and the ability to change at a moments notice.

The only thing that is consistant in life is change, besides death and taxes. We all go through it, although it is usually very gradual and only is noticed in certain life events. If we are aware of change as it is occuring we can better equip ourselves to face tough times. An example of this is of a person slowly dying of cancer, we know the end is near and a change from life to death will happen, but the impact is much less than a sudden death.

I would like to go on a quest of my own in the future, although the details and final goal are a bit hazy at the moment. I do know that this quest will prepare me for the tough challenges in life that I will eventually face. After all that, I think the video game might beat easier to beat than real life.

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