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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fortune favors the bold

Since I was a little a kid, I have always heard this title phrase being uttered by people of histories past and from great heros. At the time I knew little of what it truly meant in context. I have always thought that it was used primarly in military context, attacking the enemy first while their still unprepared and defenceless. The phrase still applies to this context but it can be expanded as well.

The second meaning which is more applicable to everyday life is to take chances whenever it presents itself. I have often believed this but I had great difficulty putting it into practice. We all have a self-defence mechanism that prevents us from trying new things or taking chances with the unknown due to our caveman days where fear was around every corner, but in modern day this biological device is as ineffective as bare skin is protecting against the bitter cold.

Being bold requires a lot of trust in oneself and the belief that you can get through whatever hardship that gets thrown your way. In effect it requires confidence in yourself. I always had a had time believing in myself as I was growing up as there was little to be confident in, as there always seemed to be people better than me in something whether it was in school or sports.

But I persisted in what I thought to be a long term goal of doing well in school, which I had constant doubts about if it was worth it or not. I made some bold choices and a little risk as I was gaining an education. It paid off as the sum of my decisions made me the man I am today.

Now, I feel that I must be bold in every facet of my life and take a lot more risks while I'm still young and dumb enough to not know better. I am hoping that in the long run it will pay off in the experience and mental strength to know that I can get through anything. Be bold my friends!

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