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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 10 year plan

I just realized that I have not set a 10 year plan for myself and where I envision being in 2022. It seems like such a long time from now, but as I have been querying other people; time moves faster than we view it. As of today, I had a rough outline of what I thought I would do in the next few years but nothing concrete and substantial. I always had the illusion that I can just "wing it" and be fine with what I had chosen. Although, that might have worked awhile back when I only had school to look forward to and plan accordingly; life planning is a bit more complex and open ended.

What brought about this "10 year plan" was meeting some SF techies that mostly knew what they wanted to do and in about when they would accomplish that goal. Some wanted to be CEO's of companies in 10 years, others wanted to take their start-ups public within a couple of years. All had a optimistic goal and vision of what their future would be like. That really got me thinking about my own plan for the next couple of years. I asked myself, what was my end goal? To be honest, I am not quite sure of what I want to do. There are a hodgepodge of things that interest me, but I can't think of how I can incorporate them into my daily life. Future planning is so murky as there are external factors that you can never account for and predict.

I can't see into the future, yet. hehe. But what I can do is try a lot of different things and maybe one of them will stick and become a part of me little by little. A lot can change in 10 years, only by consistently applying oneself can they make a plan into reality.

Below is a video from Tony Robbins about how tiny changes mean hug results.

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