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Monday, October 29, 2012

Creative Block

I have tried to make it a commitment to this blog to try and write something at least once every couple of days. Let me just say that it is a challenge to come up with new ideas to write about. I guess every writer has periods of writer's block that they struggle through. My way is to write until I think of something.... nothing yet.. maybe now? nope.

I had a conversation today that might be a starting point for a topic. It was about how people were influenced by others and that it was rare to meet a person that truly did not care what others thought about him/her. from my unscientific observation it seems that everyone grows more and more conservative as we grow older. Fewer people are willing to try new things and go experience something that are a bit cautious of. What happened to the curiousness? I guess everyone is wrapped up in their own little world and there are less opportunities for people to try new things. I believe that the key enjoying life is to always do things that are just out of your comfort zone and always try to push that boundaries farther and farther.

It does not matter how we push out our comfort zone, it is just that we do it. Only then can we see who we really are as a person. It gives us a better look into what we can accomplish only by trying. 
Stay thirsty my friends!

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