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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tic Toc Time

All of us could sure use more time am I right? Not just more of it but the ability to control all of it and how we want to use it. I've always hated the fact that for so many years we had to be funneled through a school system that forced us to do a lot of stuff that quite frankly was not worth the time of everyone involved. I remember days in high school English class that consisted of us playing cards and watching movies all day. Hmm maybe that is why I am trying to make up years of writing neglect with this blog. But as I grown older and wiser, I can see that in hindsight I should have done more as a child to learn as much as I can in life. Lots of countless hours were wasted in video games, that could have gone to a musical instrument or a foreign language, or even an early insight into the world of finance.

It is silly to try and think in the past, now that I have been out of school for some time and I have a lot more time to myself, I want to fill it with activities and commitments of my choosing. I love the ability to cherry pick what skills and talents I want to excel in. This life has giving me a extrodonary opportunity to really enjoy what this world has to offer and nay I must grab it by the horn. There is only one catch that I can't seem to be able to shake, time.

86,400 seconds in a day, or 86,164 for a sidereal day. That's all everybody has on this Earth and that is non-negotiable with father time. Time as I have grown to accept and understand it is very precious and very limited. I believe that each second should be respected and held in the highest esteem. Why am I crazy about time? Because life can change in an instant and we often lose sight of what is most important in our lives, either due to ignorance or neglect. I chose to live a life that tries to make the most out of my time here by enriching my life with purposeful activities, although every once in a while I throw in a hedonistic pleasure or two.

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