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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Que Sera Sera!

After a string a serious toned post, let's lighten it up!

Singing is pretty difficult, I am always amazed at the talent that performers have. Really good singers can move a person emotional by just their voice and resonance. A piece performed well can inspire the hearts and mind of others. I have always loved to sing and it has always given me a boost by listening to a good song.

I took a voice class to try to improve my singing and try to see how far I can take my skill. My goal is to be able to emotional impact and impress the hell out of people that hear me sing for the first time. Not many people think I can sing and I use that to my advantage. :) I think that in an age where it is so easy to auto-tune your voice and make it sound decent, good music gets lost. My perfect songs to sing are mostly all more than 20 years old and have really strong vocals. It is very rare to run into people who can sing now a days without being in a class for it.

Speaking of the class, we focus a lot of our time on sounding the words out rather than singing. The professor really wants to emphasize the ability to sound out vowels and consonants in our speech and singing. It is interesting to learn how to sound out words again 20 years after you learned it the first time. I found it a bit silly, saying oh, ah, eh again and again. But I guess one can say that by learning to sound out words you can be a better speaker as well.

I will sing "Can't take my eyes off you" and "Beyond the Sea," for my final and hopefully by the end of the ten weeks, I can belt it out like there is no tomorrow. I'll leave you with a song..


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