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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lazy Saturdays

Sometimes I underestimate what a relaxing weekend can do for the soul. I tend always to be in overdrive and most of times I am often struggling to catch a breath in between things that I am chaotically doing. I completely cherish my weekends with full stride. With that being the case I tend not to plan anything specifically for my weeks because I know that it is absolute necessary for me to crash to Earth and relax, whether it is sitting in cafe, sleeping in a park, or blogging.

I can almost correlate my most stressful times with full weekends packed with things that i needed to get done rather than something that I should do at my leisure. I think that for most of us, time off is a luxury that cannot be afforded at the cost of more important things that we should/need to do. I am growing more and more in opposite in this kind of thinking. I have seen people become down right neurotic and depressed with the need to be constantly doing something and unable to cope with any unexpected situations.

For example, if you pack a day completely with obligations with no wiggle room, any small delay or set back can cause stress and frustration. I have worked hard to try and remove as many things that are out of my control as possible in an effort to simplify my life. There is always the danger that I am isolating myself from others and becoming more introverted. I still have to convince myself sometimes that it is in my best interest to maintain this reflective/contemplative lifestyle.

For now I will continue to enjoy my free weekends and stare off into the sunset.

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