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Monday, December 3, 2012

End of the world or just beginning?

Well, its that time of the year again with another end to the calender year. This year it is a bit different though, with the end of the Mayan calender and a whole bunch of people claiming that the world is going to end and that the apocalypse is forth coming. We have just a couple of weeks left to absolve ourselves of sin and repent before all of us are doomed.

Out of context it is a great way to capture the fear in all of us that something we don't know will come in and save or kill us all. I believe that the world will not end on that day and that business as usual will persist like it always has before, which leads me to why I posted today. If the world were to suffer a massive calamity, could we as a nation, a world, rise back up?

As a person that wants to grow both intellectually and spiritually, I seek out the novel and the interesting to populate my life, whether it is through people, writing, or reading. If the world were to end, how many of us could retain life saving skills and carry the knowledge of the past to others? There are those that seek to enlighten themselves about the world and those living in it, but on a whole I see people that simply could not care less about the learning and just want to have fun. Everything that we have known throughout history have now been placed in vast digital storage for preservation, but what if the power is off, or worse records wiped out? Will we be able to keep our history through stories and writing about what we know?

I see my peers and the world that we all grew up in and it frightens me to no avail. Essential skills like hunting and foraging that has persisted for thousands of years are slowly whittling away, to only a select few that participate. Many do not know about our rights as a people to clamor for change or resolve. Fewer still can be called upon to rebuild the government if it were to collapse. Morals and ethics are, what I believe to be in decline, questionable at best within people in America today. Could we as a people build a community of kind heart-ed and helpful society or divulge into chaos and madness, like we see in post-apocalyptic movies. 

I don't have good reason to believe that the new generation will be able to handle the rigors and the stress of a massive or semi-major disaster, but maybe I am wrong. Hopefully, there are enough people in the world that care and can really make a major positive difference in the world, all the others need to get out of their way.

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