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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great Entertainer

I always wanted to be an entertainer, early on as a child I was very comfortable being on stage and performing. Whether it was through singing or acting, it was a place that I felt safe and most comfortable and natural. I never pursued it seriously because, my drive to be an engineer was greater than a performer of the arts, but I never forgot the feel and rush on stage. As much as I wanted to be in both worlds it was incredibly hard to split time and effort into both realms. I chose engineering because I felt that I had a higher chance at making a successful career out it. Now that I have a relatively secure job, I am starting to yearn for the stage more and more.

I am always amazed entertainers and how they can mesmerize countless people with their talents and skills. It is like an invisible power that can capture the hearts and minds of others. I want it. I want the applause and adoration of a roaring audience as they celebrate my talents and skills. I think the need to be accepted in society is a big driver for me to do what I do. We all want to be accepted for who we are, and some are more showy about it than others. I derive a lot of pleasure from the process and going through the hard work to put on a great show.

I don't think that I will every quit my day job to go work on Broadway, but I think it is important enough to me that I want to pursue it as a serious hobby. Now is the time for me to go out there and show people that I am more than a engineer, I am also a great entertainer.

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