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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Katy Perry does America.

As you can see from the posts so far that I have not found an identity for what my blog could be yet. So I will continue to to test the waters until I find a niche to write about, and today's niche is the lovely and talented Katy Perry.

Many of you are wondering why I decided to do a post about a pop star whose target audience is millions of teenage girls, tweens, and guys who have a thing for her. I guess lately shes been on a tour promoting her new album, because I am seeing her a lot more often. If you know anything about her and her videos, in general they tend to be fantastically crazy or curiously interesting. If you ever seen California Gurls then you know what I'm talking about, if not watch it and be mind blown. It gives you a new spin on an old childhood game of Candyland. My question is why the heck is Snoop Dogg in it?

I'm guessing shes trying to find more people to buy her albums, because she was to be featured in an old childhood tv show "Sesame Street." In it she is on a play date with Elmo, (I wonder if Russel Brand was okay with it) and the whole premise of the skit was have Katy running after Elmo to a kids version of "Hot and Cold," all in a low cut dress. After many complaints about the its "sexual" content it was shelved. It begs the question, Why was it made in the first place? No doubt, it was to attract higher ratings for the show, but it had to educational content at all. I mean I grew up loving the show Sesame Street for its kid lessons about honesty, hard work, and caring for others; not to see a pop star finding more tweens to follow her. Granted, I'm sort of a hypocrite by showing this video just below, but its hard to look away ;), maybe I should start watching Sesame Street again.

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