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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why is the rent too damn high?

In this hilarious turn of events the race for governor of New York has taken brevity in the light of post-recession environment. Candidate Jimmy McMillan has a very serious message to the people of New York, which is the rent is too damn high. He also has very interesting ideas on how to fix the state but that was just ramblings, something about Obama's plan to reform schools or something other. I do tend to agree that the rent is too damn high in Manhattan and needs to be lowered to help the poorer people but, how does he go about this and change the property taxes that he so eloquently repeats over and over. He seems very charismatic and passionate about his platform and may get a few thousands votes based solely on "he's not the other guy." Although, he might be taken as an idiot in a very serious election I believe that he should get an honest and fair shot. Note: This is my due to listening on his sound bytes and not his plans to reform. Anyways, I believe he also blames the Jews for why the rent is too damn high. So maybe he isn't the perfect candidate, but then again who is?

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